Thursday, October 9, 2008

"HEY WE'RE BACK" Episode 16

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This episode is about scams: I get scammed by a young woman on the phone, just by dropping my guard for one second.

Then I try and scam a guy who works for The Geek Squad. They gave me some very bad advice, and have not yet assumed responsibility.

Then I do some very solid comedy on the block, and when I am done, the audience is surprised that I want to get paid.

Then I am paid a visit, on the phone, by Lou Dobbs. I took some liberties with his recorded voice.


Brad said...
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Brad Patridge said...

Hello Mr Katz,

I really enjoy your style of comedy. Hey, We're Back is truly laugh out loud funny. I find myself wanting more and more.

I bought "Caffenated" and it is really funny. I recommend it to everyone.

Thanks for making me laugh.


PS: Bring back Dr Katz :)

ryman70 said...

hey johnathan ! i am a huge fan of your comedy! i bought caffenated last week and am going to buy the dr katz dvds. i love "hey were back." its my favorite podcast. i was waiting forever for episode 16. only one question though. how come i cant download episode 16 to my computer like the other episodes? i have all other 15 episodes on my ipod can i put this one on there?

DBrant said...

I really enjoyed Caffeinated, and I love the podcast! Keep up the good work; can't wait for the next episode.


PlusDrew said...

Just curious what's going on with the iTunes feed. Only the first two episodes come up in the feed.