Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"HEY WE'RE BACK" Episode 15

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Once in a while I show up at a stand-up gig but when I get there I am clearly not who they had in mind.

About a year ago I visited an old college friend in a South American jungle. He was there to study the mating habits of an endangered insect. I was determined to surprise him and in the process I crushed the very thing he had been studying for several years. I still cannot give up on the friendship so I finally coaxed him into meeting me for a drink on NYC’s Upper West Side.

My cartoon son Ben, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, dropped in on me after work one day. He wanted to talk to me about a business venture.

By the way, happy anniversary. One year of HEY WE’RE BACK and going strong.

Thanks for listening.

Special thanks to Dana Friedman, Lou Viola, and Chad Matheny


Justin (koavf) said...


The link to the mp3 is not working. Please do me a favor and post a new entry when this gets fixed so it will show up in my RSS feed (otherwise, I'm likely to forget!)


Jadzia_Adrienne_Dax said...

Keep up the funny work because you make me smile, Dr. Katz.

Joshua said...

I can't download ANY of the episodes...this one or any of the past episodes. Instead of mp3, it's all htm files when I try to download. Will this be fixed? I want to check out the episodes I have missed!

Eric said...

Comedic genius... Good material.

Dana Friedman said...

It all works now.