Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"HEY WE'RE BACK" Episode 11

In this episode, I take an online test that tries to answer the question: "How Smart Are Computers?" I am lucky enough to spend some time on the phone with superstar Hannah Montana. After that, another run-in with directory assistance; and finally, I catch up with one of the guys whose family benefited in the sixties, when the U.S. government paid farmers not to grow wheat. Unlike his peers, he was able to turn that into a business model, and continues to get paid for not doing things.

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Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hey, you're back... :-)

I've got the show on my earbuds right now.

I wish I could get gig like that.

I wonder...

If I say that I'm not going to launch a full frontal attack on radio, do you think its worth anything?

Like how much should I ask for?

(Or should I just keep on podcasting?)

We almost missed you. (Thank god for RSS :-)

jonathan katz said...

charles - you already have the gig you just have to keep talking and recording.

jonathan katz

Scarybug said...

These are great! It's so nice to hear my old "friends" like Jon, Ben, Will, and Melissa again. There's something about your voices and understated comedy that just always makes me happy. Any chance of getting Brendon Small in on a bit?

Mr.Blueveins said...

Thanks for these!

The Hannah Montana bit sent me into horrifically violent laughing spasms (in a good way).

Good to hear all those familiar voices again.

Jason said...

Love the show! I just found it today. I'm a long-time Dr.Katz fan. You should find an animator and start a channel on YouTube. I think you would be tremendously popular. :D