Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Then and Way Back Then

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I don't live in the past, but if you are trying to find me, I don't recommend the present. In this–my last audio only episode–I return to an old radio show from the '40s that helped form me as a young man. Then I go way back to ancient
Egypt, where I discover the world of Audio Fossils. Using a new technology, we are now able to hear sounds that were made thousands of years ago.

Special guests include Sarah Silverman, Andy Kindler, Tom Leopold, and Israeli scientist, Jonathan Devor.

Thanks for listening.
Jonathan Katz


marimbasass said...

Please keep these episodes coming and yes I will pay for them! Dr. Katz you are changing lives one person at a time!

awer said...

I'm very happy to see this post here. I'm always waiting eagerly for the next episode. I didn't seem to receive an e-mail regarding this one.