Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When bad things happen to good ideas

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"Worst Case Scenario" is an old radio show I loved as a kid. Tom Silver, the host, is interviewing Arthur Köeppler, a leading expert on traffic safety.

"Bring Your Cousin To Work Day" is Sid Steiber's favorite holiday. He loves it so much, he celebrates it once a week.

"Listener Response" is where we get to hear some of Jonathan's favorite responses to the question he posed last week.

For next week’s question, Jonathan talks with Israeli physicist, Jonathan Devor, about the likelihood of audio fossils dating back as far as ancient Egypt. And then he poses the following question: "If you could hear any sound that was generated in the last 5,000 years, what would that sound be, and why?" The number to call in with your response is: 617-866-8000. Thanks for listening.

1 comment:

Tyler Emerson Derk said...

Your the Best Mr. Katz! I introduced my wife to your show in college, one of the unsung mating rituals of our generation. We love your work, and when she discovered Home Movies and shared it with me, OH how the love grew.

Your dry humor is the mortar that holds the foundation of our marriage together.

We named our hamster after you, he died, but the thought is there. You can tell your friends that you had a hamster named after you though and that's something I bet a lot of people can't say about themselves. It would look good on a resume.

Anywho, nice chatting with you. Amazing work Katz! Your the best!