Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Dreams and Sidney Katz

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This episode, number 23, begins with a relapse. I fall back into my “city and listing” habit and I do it all in the name of one of the dopeyest jokes I have ever made. Then I get in the car and call my favorite local radio show with a question. It might be off subject but it is on my mind. Because of my sense of fair play and good manners I take my answer off the air. Then I go to one of my favorite places: the past. We hear my Dad Sidney talking to his friend Abe Allen in 1979. Trust me, these guys really know how to share a mic. Then I get a little groggy and drift off into a really good dream, a good Dr. Katz dream.

If there are any Little Feat fans that listen to this you may recognize a piece of their music called Old Folks Boogie.

We here at Albion Producitions like to think of this episode as the launch of a new season with a new producer, Katie Covett. We hope you like it.


Bruno said...

"I thought that was just in our house."
Classic Ben.

The F word ?
Even though she never actually said
it on the show (or at least I don't remember her saying it), it's classic Laura too.

Anonymous said...

I can't download the audio file... Oh well...

kingthunder said...

I love this podcast. I wish it would update more often

dmitrybrant said...

Sure has been a while since the last episode... I hope to hear a new one soon!