Friday, November 16, 2007

"HEY WE'RE BACK" Episode 8

The first scene is a reunion I have with an old Hebrew school friend. The guy was a natural athlete and it was great hearing that he still competes. My next stop is with directory assistance. This is a call I made more than twenty years ago but it still feels topical. I did, eventually, make contact with Mr. Potterton. My dad had a sister named Sylvy. She died about ten years ago but with the help of a medium, I was able to make contact and catch up. And finally I talk about the things that keep me awake at night. Not for the squeamish, not for the Amish.

Click here to listen to the current episode!


Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hey! You're back. :-)

Stay healthy and stay funny.

(Could I interview you for my own Podcast on MS?

Drop me an email.

charles [at] )

aprilee said...

Hey! I stumbled upon your radio show site here by way of your MySpace page, this is funny stuff! I've been a fan of the Dr. Katz show forever & I'm thrilled it is finally out on DVD. Keep up the hilarious work!

Happy Full-Series DVD Set release day!!

oliver said...

Hi Jon, it was soooooooooo nice to see the return of Ben Katz (H. Jon Benjamin) in this episode. You and Benjamin need to do more work together. I just commented on the itunes site that you two can talk about anything and I would still find it hilarious!

I loved it when you called directory assistance!

jonathan katz said...

for the disenfranchised dr. katz fans - "dr. katz live" is alvie and well. most recently in san francisco with robin williams, b.j. novak, eugene mirman, maria bamford, bob odenkirk, andy kindler, brian posein and tom snyder as my therapist. ist was fun for me and the audience. some day we will be coming to a theater near you. of course ben, h. jon benjamin, stole the show.

Jamison said...

By far my fave HWB of all time